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Spot Guide

Cleaning up spots and spills on your carpet can be very challenging. At every cleaning appointment, we provide ALL of our Clients with a bottle of “Spot Out” spot remover. This is a life-time supply and best of all it is FREE! If you ever run out just give us a call and we will mail you a new bottle. This spot out is SAFE for your carpet and very effective in removing most spots and spills. If you still have trouble with a spot after using our “Spot-Out,” give us a call and we can try to help you over the phone.

Before Absolute Carpet Care Servicing

After Absolute Carpet Care Servicing

Here are some important reminders when trying to do “spotting” on your own:

-Get to the spot or spill as quickly as possible.

-Water is always the best and safest solvent!

-Blot, don’t scrub or rub too aggressively.

-Certain “Over the Counter” spot removers can damage your carpet and cause color loss. Call us if you need help on what products to use or stay away from.