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Carpet Cleaning – Arlington VA

Arlington, Virginia is an urban county located in the Northern portion of the Commonwealth. Even though this area is a county, it is also considered to be a central city.

When it comes to cleaning carpets in Arlington, Absolute Carpet Care provides an effective and convenient deep clean that will leave your home looking beautiful and smelling fresh.

We have been cleaning carpets in Arlington for decades now, and we’ve learned a lot about what our customers in this great community are looking for- honest and humble customer service provided by an expert who is passionate about their work. Every day, we strive to prove that even the toughest stains can’t stand up to Absolute Carpet Care’s cleaning process- just one of many reasons why we’re the preferred choice for carpeting cleaning in Arlington, Virginia.

Since our founding in 1987, we’ve worked hard to become the most experienced and most trusted carpet cleaners in Arlington. We have since added a variety of services to offer our customers, yet the passion and drive to become the best at what we do still remains.

Carpet, Tile, Upholstery, & Rug Cleaning in Arlington, Virginia

  • Carpet Cleaning
    There is nothing more difficult and important than choosing the right carpet cleaner. There are many different cleaning companies using many different methods.Don’t settle for inexperienced carpet cleaners who provide inferior results. Absolute Carpet Care has over twenty years of experience cleaning carpets in Arlington and we can provide a cleaning experience well above any of our competitors.
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    Absolute Carpet Care offers the ultimate in upholstery cleaning and protection. We can clean almost any fabric, including delicate and hard to clean fabrics. Our process follows the guide-lines set by the IICRC.
  • Mattresses
    Yes, Absolute Carpet Care cleans mattresses! Like any other surface we use and come in contact with on a daily basis, mattresses should be cleaned. Do you ever wake up with a runny nose ?
  • Tile/Grout
    In addition to carpet, other floor coverings have been gaining popularity. Ceramic tiles and hardwood floors are just a few types of hard surfaces now in demand. Like carpet these too eventually need professional attention. Absolute Carpet Care can make your tile floor shine like it did when it was first installed. Contact us today to learn more about our tile and grout cleaning services in Arlington, VA.
  • Oriental Rugs
    Oriental rugs are beautiful and expensive handmade pieces. Our qualified technicians will give them the proper care they deserve. Oriental rugs are generally handmade with natural fibers and dyes- don’t let inexperienced rug cleaners ruin your Oriental rug, the professionals at Absolute Carpet Care have cleaned some of the finest oriental rugs in Arlington and beyond.
  • Water Damage
    First of all, you should know that most carpets can be salvaged after a water damage situation. Replacement is only necessary for certain types of water damage.
  • Leather
    When we arrive we will asses the furniture and determine the type of leather and which process will work safely and most effectively. We then apply a cleaner that will break up the dirt and oils on the leather.
  • Pet Damage
    We all love our pets but they occasionally have accidents. When these problems are not addressed quickly; you can end up with some unpleasant odors that are very difficult to remove.

As you can see, we’ve put decades of work into honing our craft and we’re proud to be the favored carpet cleaning service in Arlington, Virginia. Contact us today to find out about our variety of other services. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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