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Carpet Repairs & Stretching
Carpet Repairs and Power Stretching

Some spots on your carpet can become permanent stains.  If you have remnant carpet available from when your carpet was installed, our team can do a bonded insert on the stain. Depending on the age and condition of your carpet, it’s possible that you’ll be able to see around the edges of the insert, but we find that most customers prefer that to a permanent stain. If you don’t have extra carpet available, we can take a patch from one of your closets and use remnant carpet from our warehouse to replace it. Please keep in mind that the carpet we supply for your closet is generally a very neutral beige color, so it may not match the carpet you have now.

Over time, many carpets will start to show ripples, waves, or buckles that are not only unsightly, but can also become a tripping hazard.  These usually form after an improper carpet installation.  Our team can use a power stretcher to tighten the carpet back up and restore it to like-new condition. There are many variables when it comes to stretching a carpet, so we recommend taking advantage of our free inspection service. We’re happy to come by and provide you with a no obligation quote, as well as answer any questions you have about the process.

“The technicians did an excellent job, their results far exceeded my expectations. Carpet feels very soft and looks brand new. Couch is also very clean and looks brand new. They said there were some stains they couldn’t remove, but I didn’t notice them.”
Dominic Eldridge
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