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Hardwood Floor Cleaning
Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Buffing Process:

The speed and weight of our buffing machine provides extra agitation, making our process more effective than home cleaning methods. We can remove deep, ground-in soil and minor scuff marks. Unfortunately, we cannot remove deeper scratches, as this requires refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Buffing Process:

  1. Inspect and identify the type of flooring to determine proper cleaning agent
  2. Remove visible soil with a dust mop or vacuum
  3. Move furniture out of the area
  4. Use a heavy duty buffing machine with pre-spray to remove deep, ground-in soil
  5. Put furniture back in place
  6. Final walk through with client
“There is no company I would trust cleaning my carpets than Absolute Carpet. This company did an awesome job on the carpets that I had cleaned. The gentleman treated me with such respect and professionalism. They were careful in protecting the corners of the walls, the hardwood floors that they would be walking on to get to the carpets being cleaned. I didn’t feel that I had to follow them around the house to make sure they were cleaning to my expectations. The techs worked so hard. When a tech tells me that he respects the VP of the company that tells me that they are treated with respect and that is the kind of company I want to work with.”
Jo Ann Stombaugh
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