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Upholstery Cleaning
Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

When it comes to finding a reliable upholstery cleaner in Northern Virginia, Absolute Carpet Care has you covered. We can clean almost any fabric, including delicate and hard-to-clean materials. Our process follows the guidelines set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

First, we inspect the furniture, assessing any stains or spots, so we can let you know what to expect from the initial restoration. Next, we pre-condition the fabric, allowing the cleansing agents to emulsify the dirt and stains. We follow this with a textile rinse and extraction to thoroughly remove soil and moisture. We then use high powered fans to accelerate drying time. On cut pile fabrics, we use a brush to groom the pile, which lifts it and leaves the fabric looking like new.

Furniture Stain Removal in Northern Virginia

There are thousands of different kinds of upholstered fabrics – and thousands of kinds of stains that can end up on your furniture. Removing stains from delicate fabrics can be a science. It would be nice if there was one chemical to treat every type of stain, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Most stains can be removed if treated promptly with the right combination of chemicals and immediate cleaning. The toughest type of stain is one that was pre-treated with the wrong chemical or left for a long period of time. Improper pet stain removal is one situation that we see time and time again. If you are not familiar with the right way to clean a stain on your furniture, then call in the upholstery cleaning professionals at Absolute Carpet Care.

Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Despite what the label says, very few pieces of upholstery need to be dry cleaned. Upholstered furniture uses more varied material and methods of manufacture than carpet. Since there’s less risk of damage with dry cleaning, a lot of manufacturers use a dry cleaning recommendation on the label to protect themselves from liability. The truth is that with dry cleaning, you sacrifice the thorough cleaning that you get with a hot water extraction cleaning. Absolute Carpet Care can safely clean your upholstery for a like-new look and feel.

The Leather Cleaning Process

First, when we arrive, we will assess the furniture and determine the type of leather, as well as which cleaning process will work most effectively. Next, we apply a cleaner that breaks up the dirt and oils on the leather.

We will then gently agitate the surface of the leather and remove dirt and oils with a terry cloth pad. To leave your furniture protected, we apply a conditioner that replenishes the natural oils in your furniture, leaving it soft and flexible.

Home Leather Furniture Cleaning

Everyone loves the look and feel of leather, and with the proper maintenance, you can keep it looking beautiful for a long time. Many people have little knowledge of how to care for leather. Like any other material, leather needs to be cared for, cleaned, and repaired to be kept in good condition. Using the proper products is key to maintaining the natural beauty of leather, but you might not know what to look for. Many products are only mediocre or do more harm than good. The only fail safe way to clean your leather is to call in the professionals. Trust Absolute Carpet Care to ensure the quality of your leather for years to come.

Understanding Your Leather

All leather comes from one source: animal hides. No matter the source of the leather, all leathers are processed in the same way. Once the leather is tanned and processed, certain sections are then selected for use. This process determines the type of leather that will be made available to you. In almost all situations, similar tanning and dyeing chemicals and processes are used.

Many different types of leather are used for furniture. Top grain, or coated leather is used in almost all automotive and furniture upholstery. This type of leather is the most durable and easiest to maintain. Aniline, or nubuck, is a type of leather that’s soft to the touch. Usually there is no finish, leaving it unsealed and susceptible to dirt and staining. The most common form of aniline leather is suede.

Leather Cleaning Stain Removal

Regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils will keep the leather in good condition for a very long time. However, oils in the leather will dry out and evaporate even when the leather is not regularly used. To keep the leather soft and flexible, dirt and grime that has accumulated on the surface must be removed, and the oils be periodically replaced. No matter how carefully you protect your leather, spills and other accidents can cause potential problems. Many stains can be easily removed if corrected immediately using the proper product. In most cases, home remedies that are tried only succeed in setting the stain in deeper, making it impossible to remove. It is important that stains be treated properly from the start. That’s where Absolute Carpet Care comes in!

“We have been using Absolute Carpet for years. The service and quality of workmanship is the best I have found. On two occasions services were provided within hours for an urgent situation and both times the prompt service saved our carpet/upholstery. We have recommended your services to several neighbors.”
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